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  • What is your turnaround time?
    All media will be professionally edited and delivered to you the next day. Oftentimes, delivery time is before 10am, but in some instances, like Zillow floor plans, it may take a bit longer. Either way, we will do our best to get everything back to you as soon as humanly possible so that you can get your property listed. If you request changes upon delivery that were not previously discussed, it may take up to another 24hrs for changes to be delivered.
  • What is your availability?
    This is actually a cool feature that we offer, and that's the ability for you to view our calendar and choose the best time that works for you and your clients. Now you can treat our calendar as your own. No need to message back and forth with us for availability.
  • What do I do if I need to reschedule?
    You can actually do this right from within your dashboard. Just look to the righthand side of your scheduled photo shoots, and click on the text "Need to reschedule?". You'll then be prompted to choose a new day/time. The best part is that you don't have to wait on a team member from Mostly Media to change it for you. You have total control over your schedule.
  • Do you have Supra access?
    Yes. However, Metrotex views photographers as affiliates, and thus require us to use a CBS code to gain access, even if you as the agent do not require a CBS code. If you are unsure of what the CBS code is or even how to find it, you can find instructions HERE
  • How long do sessions take?
    That all depends on the services that you book. If it's just 15 photos, that may only take 30 minutes. However, if you book something more in-depth, like our Premium Knockout Package, that could take around 4 hours, as we will be doing photos, video, 3D tour, floor plans, etc.
  • How much do you charge?
    Well, that all depends on the services you need to promote your listing. We offer so much more than just listing photos, like aerial photos and video, 3D tours, floor plans, virtual staging, sky panorama, lifestyle and branding content, etc. The best way to see our prices is to visit our order page HERE
  • Why do I have to pay at checkout? Previous photographers would just invoice me.
    Whether you pay at checkout, or you pay an invoice, you're not going to be able to download the final photos without paying for them, so by just having clients pay at checkout, it just makes the whole process smoother. Most people have become very accustomed to this form of payment structure from using sites like Amazon, eBay, etc., so why fight it!?
  • Can I have my sellers pay for the photos?
    Yes and no. It is imperative that you, as the agent, fill out the order form, as there are important questions that you will need to answer, which also serve to ensure that the marketing materials are directly constructed with your information, such as headshot, phone number and email. Also, we do this so that Mostly Media is not left with the liability of things that are outside of our purview. However, once the form is filled out, you may then have the client submit their credit/debit card information.
  • Can I purchase photos from a previous shoot that you did for someone else?
    Yes. You would simply pay the same amount that the previous agent paid for those photos the first time.
  • Why are AirBnB, VRBO photos more expensive than listing photos?
    When an agent books photos for a listing, they are purchasing the license to use those photos until that listing has sold. With AirBnB, VRBO, etc., you are purchasing a license for photos that are staying up indefinitely, thus the added cost for the license.
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